Ulster Holiday: Day 3

On day 3 we went down the peninsula to one of my favourite gardens, Mount Stewart. The weather was still glorious, we could have honestly been in a botanic garden abroad. It was amazing to see the water on the lake and estuary sparkling and have the sun on our faces. Although poor Peter doesn’t like the sun in his eyes. The burnt caramelly scent of a mysterious plant and the honey tones of Olearia and Choisya filled the warm air. The views over the lake were stunning and the plants were all looking at their best in the good weather. The Rhododendron flowers and fresh maple leaves were my favourites but also looking fab were the candelabra primulas and blue poppies.

I was really pleased to at last meet, the Chilean fire bush. I’ve only ever seen it in gardens up and down this peninsula whilst in the car. It is so eye-catching, a bright orangey red and the flowers up close are ve3ry cool. Long, tubular and spidery … very tropical looking. I wish I could grow it but it is far too cold in the winters here in Scotland. On this peninsula it is protected from extreme frost by the waters surrounding it.

Peter had a great time crawling all over the lawn in the formal garden and was delighted to meet a doggy up close for the first time.


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