11 Months

It’s been a busy month for Peter with various trips but he has coped with it all so well. Especially seeing as his first teeth have been coming through this month – the bottom two. The teething has bothered him from time-to-time and the nappies have become explosive! Thankfully he likes having his teeth brushed so no battles there. He has been to his first wedding and dressed up as a pirate and Yoda to fancy-dress parties.

He still loves the washing machine which is leading to trouble as he presses all the buttons mi-cycle and has put our digital camera in the wash lol! He has become fixated by the mole in one of his books and the crescent moon in another. He tries to say it we think “Moooooo” and he circles round theĀ  picture lol.

Still taking a few odd steps on his own but we’re still helping him mainly. He’s also started clapping and very infrequently waving. He’s eating same kind of food as us now and can devour a sandwich super fast!

We’ve been spending lots of time outside. He loves exploring the garden where he pats the stone owl and picks all my flowers. He’s had great fun splashing around in a tub of water out there on hot days. He’s had his first play on the swings which he thought was great although he spent a long time in the play-park as well picking up the bark!

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