Mary’s 30th Extravaganza

My little sister Mary has turned 30!! Happy Birthday Lou Lou!

To mark the celebration I helped organise a 1980’s themed fancy dress party in her honour. On the day everything came together, despite the rain, costumes that kept falling apart and a baby to look after. It was a fantastic party with a brilliant turnout of guests in awesome costumes and plenty of retro food and music.

The belle of the ball was dressed as her favourite barbie doll from when she was little … Crystal Barbie … et voila …

The end result was pretty spectacular and I hope now Mary saw the point of my constant attention-to-detail nagging. “Yes you need a hooped petticoat!” (Even though you got stuck down the stairs). “Yes you need a super long barbie wig” (Even though it was hot and itchy). “Yes, only that one dress off ebay will do the bling effect” (Even though it’s zip was broken and it was a nightmare to mend). And “yes we need tinsel to make a boa” (even though it is impossible to sew 10 strands of it together!).

I came as one of my heroines from the era … She-Ra. Oh it was so good to be back in fancy dress again, even if I did look like Nora Batty dressed as a superhero (check the leggings!) Ben looked pretty hot as Maverick from Topgun and Peter was super cute dressed as baby Yoda, although he didn’t keep his costume on for long. Everyone looked amazing and we all had a great giggle at each other.

It was great to catch up with so many of the family and friends. Definite highlights were … seeing Mary as a blonde, eating cheese & pineapple on sticks, seeing trekkie dad doing some last minute gardening, exhibiting embarrassing piccies of Mary’s past, Ryan’s hair, meeting Carly’s baby bump, the Disney photo shoot, wigs galore, peter trying to understand where all the crazy people had come from, prosecco & punch, dancing to cheesy 80’s music, Aiden’s moustache, Mum in leg warmers, pic n mix sweeties and Mary & Abi doing crazy karaoke!

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