Festival Time

Awesome! Our friends Heather and Andrew had a festival at their home complete with proper bands doing acoustic sets, artists exhibiting their work, face painting, yummy food and decent toilets! Peter really enjoyed listening to the music, he looked like he was concentrating really hard lol. I’m going to be kind of cheeky and count this as me going to a gig for my 101 things list.

It was also great to catch up with our friends who we don’t get to see as often since Peter wsa born.  Colin was back from Manilla and Ron was up from London, both looking really well. Dave M has grown the best beard ever, Katie has had a beautiful tattoo of a feather done on her shoulder by the guys at Love Hate Tattoo! So jealous, it looks amazing!

It was a great day in the sun. Shame we had to head off early but baby bear needs his sleep lol!

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