A New Arrival ….

Ha ha, not what you were thinking but meet our new resident, Big Bear! Courtesy of Auntie Mary on a recent visit after watching a very funny show at Dobbies where Peter pulled every teddy off the stand and hugged them to death. Every evening Peter now hauls Big Bear about and love wrestles him to the floor and slobbers all over him, lol. It’s hilarious!!

Also had a lot of fun introducing my family to a game of poker. It led to quite a raucous night with the amount of whisky drank, the Clarkes not understanding the flop and epic failures of poker faces!! At the end of the night the big winner was Dad who took all our money!!! Ha beginners luck. Worst thing, I was all in, on the last round, holding pocket aces. Dad beat me with  a full house! Typical!

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