Peter’s New Love


Little Peter has been inseparable from his “big boy car” ever since we unveiled it at the weekend. This was a special present for him for beingĀ  such a brave boy last week. It was supposed to be for the garden but we’ve been unable to get it out of the living room yet lol!

Peter is nearly all better except for a snotty nose and bad cough now. It’s hard to believe in this photo a week ago, he was so poorly.


Last Sunday he was running a high temperature and suffered a febrile seizure. Apparently they are common (1 in 30 children) but still horrific to see as a parent. Thankfully his fit only lasted a few minutes and the ambulance arrived very quickly. He stayed overnight at hospital in case he had more and to run some tests. I think Ben and I found it more upsetting than he did, he thought it was all very interesting being in an ambulance, talking to the doctors and nurses & sleeping on the ward. His blood revealed it was caused by the influenza bug which we have all caught since. It’s been some week!

Our precious wee boy. It just shows how normal life can be turned on its head in an instant. Thank the gods it wasn’t anything worse and he is fine. A reminder of how blessed we should feel for every moment we have with one another. Love you baby bear!


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