Sophie’s First Week

Sophie has been settling in well back at home. We’re all pretty tired but very happy. Thankfully the weather has been glorious this week so we’ve all been able to play in the garden and light mornings when feeding her at 4:00am.


She is a hungry girl and is already up to 8lb 12oz, which is great. She really enjoys her bath time and poos ALL THE TIME! I had forgotten how much babies poop lol. Her eyes are already turning blue like Ben & Peters’ and she’s quite strong already. She is already trying to lift her head and turn it around.


She’s a real cutie and we call her our “little lamb” as she bleats like one when she’s stirring from sleep or got a pain in her tummy. It has been really magical whilst Ben was off on paternity leave, I think we’re a lot more relaxed the second time round. However it was quite a shock the first day Ben was back at work, trying to keep up with Peter and Sophie. She doesn’t sleep much in the day so it was a constant juggle going between the two children. The day was like being swept along a river after a storm, lol! Hopefully I’ll get better at it soon.


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