Sophie at Six Weeks

IMG_4490Our little girl is growing fast! She’s much heavier and stronger, already able to lift her wee head. She’s a hungry thing and is taking 150ml bottles every four to four and half hours, although a lot of it ends up on her bib from messy dribbling lol. She’s pretty good at night and settles well after feeds, we’ve even had a couple of nights where she’s gone 6 hours. During the day she’s much harder to settle for long periods of time though and has to be held quite a bit. That’s okay as cuddles are great but I don’t get a lot done.

IMG_4191-001We think she’s already starting to smile which is so cute. Even when she cries she has cute little dimples at the top of her cheeks. Her eyes are still very blue and some of her hair is falling out. She seems to enjoy being out in the garden and spends a long time awake and calm just looking about.

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