Coastal Walk

At last the good weather is back so we headed along the east coast for a walk. We started at Dirleton which is really pretty little village and has a medieval castle, good gallery and teashop. From there we got down to the beach through some pretty fields. It was a great time of year to see lots of wild flowers, the gorse, poppies and viper’s buglossĀ  were all really colourful. The beach was really busy at Yellow Craig, everyone was out enjoying the sunshine. We followed the coast out east toward Eyebroughy where it got much quiter.

It was quite a ramble across dunes and rock pools but it was so nice to have a paddle in the sea. My hands and feet feel like they’re on fire just now so it was nice to be able to refresh them in the water. By the time we got back to Direlton I was exhausted but very happy, maybe 2 1/2 hour walks are just too much now for my pregnant body to handle. Still I’d rather be out in the fresh air getting some exercise than stuck inside.

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