Birthdays & Bungalows

Just had another lovely visit from Mary, Mum and Dad. Mary was celebrating her birthday which gave the two us a great excuse to justify our many purchases in town on the Friday. The sales seem really good at the moment although I couldn’t take real advantage for being the size of a house lol.

Mum & Dad joined us on Saturday to officially walk into their brand new bungalow which they’ve bought around the corner from our house. There was much excitement as we explored it again, started planning what to do with the place and when our folks found the fake dog doody that Mary and I had planted in the conservatory!!

There’s lots to do there … a whole new heating system needs put in, new carpets to go down, painting and decorating to do and furniture to buy. It’s going to be fun seeing it transformed from a tired dwelling into a super Clarkey home. It’s a great size with two bedrooms, a conservatory and lovely sunny garden. Yay … more gardening space!!!!! And it’s brilliant that we have more space now for family and friends to visit seeing as we are stating to fill our house with babies.

Mum and Dad got well into the spirit of things and got Scottish gas sorted and even bought two sofas and a bed already! I’m looking forward to acting as bungalow caretaker when they’re not up here … I might make myself a sheriff badge!!


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