Welcome to Baby Boo

An exciting trip down to Reading to see best friend Suzie and Scotts’ new baby boy. Here he is at three weeks old and is so tiny and cute. At the moment we’re all still calling him Boo till they settle on a name. I know they’re mega tired but Suchi and Scott are doing really well. Suchi in particular is chomping at the bit to get out and would want me to say that “she didn’t choose this haircut!!”

George looks so big now next to Boo, I can’t believe he’s starting school in a few weeks. He was great fun as ever and learning to ride his bike without stabilisers! It was also nice to catch up with Si, Laura and Ed and meet Ed’s new girlfriend Charlotte and the adorable McSweeney twins.

Jacob is on the left and Leon is on the right. Although identical Leon is a bit bigger and has a slightly longer face. It’s amazing to see them so big now considering how premature they were, we’re all so happy for Si & Loz that they are happy and healthy. It was so nice to have so many cuddles with all the babies and get some practice in before our own arrives.

As ever we managed to squeeze lots in to the weekend … soothed Boo, ate lots of cake, got pushchair envy, got computer game gossip off Scott, changed Boo, got wee-ed on, gossiped with Loz and Suchi, fed (ahem covered) Jacob inĀ  yummy orange lentil puree, gluten free Chinese takeaway, hunted for bugs with Bean, lunch in Reading, saw Adrienne’s hat shop, went to the park, sat in the sunshine, played silly games, inherited Suchi’s maternity clothes, yummy Sunday lunch and nearly missed our flight home!



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