34 Weeks!!

Oh my goodness, I can’t believe next week is August and it’s just a month to go until Baby Curry arrives. We’re both getting so excited now and can’t wait to meet the little guy or gal. My bump is really big now although it’s all out front and you can’t tell too much from the back.

He/ she is very active now and is really practising kicking and flailing those little limbs around. It’s so strange to see your stomach moving around and being bumped about, poor thing I guess it’s jostling for a bit of space now.He/she definitely gets excited when it hears Ben talking to me, I think it knows it’s Daddy’s voice.

On the downside, the indigestion isn’t fun, nor were the dizzy spells from anaemia and not being able to sleep comfortably but it’s not long now, so chin up me! On the positive side we’ve already met some great couples through the antenatal groups and are meeting up already for coffees. Also the house is looking great as we’ve been really motivated to get it looking nice for bringing baby Curry home. We’ve had new wooden floors downstairs (easier to mop up poo, wee, slop and vomit), painted everywhere and nearly finished the nursery.

I was sent for a scan last week as my midwife was worried the baby was a bit small but all was fine and if anything, it’s a little bigger than expected. It was a real treat for Ben and I to have an inside glimpse of our little one at this stage. It was so comforting to see things were all fine. Once again it was sucking it’s thumb we think, and we got an amazing image when it turned its head front on, so we could see two eyes, it’s mouth and chin.

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2 Responses to 34 Weeks!!

  1. Sarah Jones says:

    This is so excellent Sarah , love the scan picture!! You look really well, what a great baby bump you have xx

  2. Kate says:

    Wow, you look great. Glad to hear all’s well with Baby Curry 🙂

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