Pixel Mania

Check out these quality graphics!!! This is from the computer game Minecraft which I’ve recently sarted playing again. Mainly because it’s the most convenient to pop onto for 5 – 10 minutes if I have a little break when Peter is asleep.

Dave, Ian and Diedel first showed me this game at the last lan party and my first thought was why would you play this with it’s rubbishy graphics, surely it would give you a headache! However after a little play it became strangley addictive, mindlessly tapping away blocks to mine ore, chop wood or grow crops. The excitement you feel when you stumble upon some rare gems.

Once you collect your ore and wood you can use it to build anything you like, so it becomes a bit like lego. There’s also lots of recipes and crafting you can do which is always apealing to me but most of all I love the exploration side of it. Whether it be deep underground, walking through the forrests or climbing to the top of the hills.

The creator, a guy called Notch is continually adding and improving the game. Another exciting element to the game are the baddies which spawn at night time and in dark places. You have to continually keep your guard up then or else be killed by a zombie or blown up by a creeper, which results in you dropping all your stuff.

There’s also a lot of cool physics and chemistry laws involved with the game, knowing how stuff reacts together, creating traps and power grids. The boys are all better at doing that stuff than me, I’m quite happy wandering round picking flowers, mining diamonds and trying to build tree houses.


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