3 Months Old

Wow what an amazing, crazy time we’ve had during Peter’s first three months of life. They’re right when the say nothing will prepare you for the chaos, tiredness and constant on-the-go that comes with parenthood but nothing has ever given me this much joy and purpose to life. To watch Peter do something new and grow a bit more each day makes me so happy.

Just now he’s constantly trying to eat his hands, have coo conversations with us, kick himself off the changing mat backwards and stand up when you hold him under his arm pits. I’m excited that he seems to favour his left hand, hopefully he’ll take after me. He’s also always looking to the left which squishing his head on one side when he lies down. So we have to try and encourage him to look the other way a bit more.

At baby clinic this week he weighed 13lb 30z so he’s still on the 25th percentile. I also took him to his first baby massage class which he really enjoyed. We used sunflower oil which did feel a bit like I was greasing him up like a chicken for the oven lol.

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