Peter’s 1st Christmas

Yay my first Christmas! I’m so excited! Here I am dressed as a little elf.

What’s this? A giant sock! I know my feet are big but that will never fit. Besides where’s theother one? Ahh, hang on what do I spy inside?

Wow, are these presents all for me?! Thanks guys I love wrapping paper. Oh there’s things inside …

Busy work opening presents … better have a nap.

Hooray Christmas dinner! Where’s Granny with our turkey?! What do you mean it’s just milk for me!

Yum yum, this would be much nicer if it had some brandy sauce in. How about it?

I’m absolutely stuffed, time for another nap.

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2 Responses to Peter’s 1st Christmas

  1. sylvie says:

    hi sarah and ben,

    It was so lovely to see you all on christmas eve, what a beautifull family you are.
    I* wish you all a very happy new year filled with love,health and happiness.

  2. Aunty Loulou says:

    he is so cute – my most favourite nephew in the world!!

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