Brummie Xmas

This year we were down in Brum over the festive holidays. It felt very special to bring Peter home to where I grew up. How lovely and strange to have my own baby sleeping in my old bedroom. He even slept in my cot! He was great on the drive down and slept through most of it, however our usual 5.5 hour journey turned into a mammoth 7 hour trip.

We really enjoyed catching up with all my family & friends. It was good to see Mum, Dad & Mary well and for Peter to meet his Uncle Steve.  Peter met so many people each day and seemed to love the attention. On Christmas Eve we introduced him to my Dad’s side of the family in Shrewsbury and he got to have cuddles with his Great Omi. The cuteness factor went up a notch when my cousin Luke’s two boys arrived and we also go tot meet cousin Laura’s fiance and hear about the wedding plans.

We celebrated Christmas day at home with Auntie Sheila, Katie, Richard & Ryan. Peter was such a lucky boy and I (ahem, “he”) really enjoyed opening all his presents. We had a yummy humongous dinner, swapping the baby lap to lap while we ate. More wine then things got more bizarre as an inflatable naked Santa came to visit!

Boxing day Mum & Dad had our neighbour chip shop gang over for prosecco and canapes, oh ya!! Peter was well behaved and handed over to Mary, Steve and Annie leaving me and Ben free to down at least a bottle on our own! Post Christmas there were lots of visits to coffee shops and a good walk down to Cannon Hill Park. Mary and Steve had us over for an amazing dinner of sherry tarragon chicken, (what a good cook she is), lots more wine and giggles. Steve showed us all his very impressive wooden gun he had made for his New Year’s costume, it’s amazing … so realistic. Then Peter threw up all over Mary, on her face and down her cleavage!!! Bless her, she took it in very good spirits. On our last day we took Ben and Peter over to Stafford to Auntie Sheila’s for their first time where we quizzed Katie and Rees about their wedding. Can’t wait!

A really fun-packed social Christmas and very special as it was Peter’s first one.

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