Edible Gardening

This year I am determined to grow some more fruit and veg which is no #5 on my list. I’m trying tomotoes again as you can’t beat the taste of them home grown I think. As I don’t have a greenhouse to protect them from the cold, I grow them in growbags in our sunny porch. Sungold is my favourite variety being a sweet cherry tom but I am also trying one called “Sweel Million” and a newgrafted cherry tom called Conchita which is supposed to have far more fruit. We’ll see….

I’m also growing yellow and green cougette plants, a chilli pepper, 6 runner bean plants, 3 different strawberries, spinich, rocket, cos lettuce, coriander, parsley and chives. These were all bought as young seedlings from work although I have got some basil from seed. As you can see from the pic, the beans have a strange setup but I wanted them to grow up around the compost bin. I’m really pleased with my 2 new wooden planters which I am using for the majority of the herbs and sald crops.

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