Summer Weather

We’ve been so lucky with the weather over the past week. It’s so sunny and warm, getting up to around 20 degrees! Peter and I have been enjoying playing in the garden on the picnic rug. He seems to like being outside, looking at and touching the plants.

I’m still way behind on my gardening but I have found a half hour here and there to get some basic tidying done in the back. Everything has exploded into colour with the warm weather and there are lots of spring flowers out now. I’m really pleased that the lovely red heuchera, ‘Berry Smoothie’ has made it through the winter although I’m sad to have lost a few others including ‘Peach Flambe’, ‘Georgia Peach’ and ‘Key Lime Pie’. They must beweak varieties as it wasn’t eve a harsh winter.

We’re pleased as well to see a pair of Blue Tit’s checking out the bird box on our wall. Hopefully they will nest in it this year.

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