101 Things …

This is the start of my day zero project, beginning 1st January 2011 and due to end  on the 28th September 2013.

  1. Have a baby.
  2. Knit something.
  3. Frame & hang our wedding photographs.
  4. Learn how to do my own blog and update it once a month.
  5. Grow  new edible plants. link
  6. Take a craft workshop. link
  7. Make a quilt. link
  8. Make 20 new recipes. 1
  9. Raise some money for charity.
  10. Invite the neighbours over and get to know them better.
  11. Visit the Eden project.
  12. Find 5 ways to help wild birds.
  13. Spend a night in a tree house
  14. Pass a driving test.
  15. Read a self-help book.
  16. Run a 5k.
  17. Plan something special for our anniversaries.
  18. Create something involving fairies.
  19. Throw a fancy dress party.
  20. Make something lovely for all my close friends & family.
  21. Finish planting up the back garden.
  22. Go do 20 new walks or bike rides. 1,  2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,
  23. Make homemade wine.
  24. Start documenting work on pleiones.
  25. Attempt 7 bookmarked art projects.
  26. Spend a whole night dancing, glammed up.
  27. Start working on a secret project for Ben to have ….
  28. Embrace coeliac baking; Make the following
    • Quiche
    • Pie.
    • Cake.
    • Bread.
    • Biscuits.
  29. Learn how to use I-tunes and make play lists.
  30. Read & use Kerri Smith’s “How to be an explorer of the world”.
  31. Plan 3 romantic surprises for Ben.  1, 2,  3,
  32. Have an Indian Head Massage. link
  33. Visit a country that I’ve never been to before.
  34. Establish a regular bedtime and morning routine.
  35. Start having a festive Curry Christmas. Involves the following;
    • Decorate a Christmas tree.
    • Make Christmas dinner.
    • Open an advent calendar.
    • Take a child to see Santa.
    • Hang stockings.
  36. Make a budget and stick to it.
  37. Save £1001 and treat myself at the end.
  38. Get an orchid to reflower
  39. Sew 5 things that aren’t quilts.
  40. Go to a music concert.
  41. Sell something on e-bay.
  42. Do some gardening for a friend or family.
  43. Do some gardening for a stranger or charity.
  44. Take steps to improve a bad habit – procrastination.
  45. Play Skyrim to the maximum level.
  46. Go on a romantic holiday with Ben.
  47. Draw or doodle 100 entries in my drawing journal.
  48. Remove hedge in front garden & plant a new one.
  49. Have an eye test.
  50. Exercise 3 times a week for 12 weeks consecitively.
  51. Do operation Christmas Child.
  52. Spend an evening watching the stars & drinking hot toddies.
  53. Visit the Enchanted forest.
  54. Scan in all my old photographs.
  55. Paint front bedroom.
  56. Have a spa day with Mum & my sister.
  57. Make something from wood with my Dad.
  58. Acquire an ace coffee table.
  59. Decide what I really want to do with my career.
  60. Get a family portrait done.
  61. Study 5 countries and write down all the things that I find interesting.
  62. Keep a portfolio of all the planted containers I make.
  63. Write 5 articles of my own gardening experience.
  64. Meet a rag-doll cat.
  65. Set up a new computer base downstairs.
  66. Start doing yoga again.
  67. See a ballet. link
  68. See a musical
  69. Go sailing in Michael’s boat.
  70. Baby sit our niece Eve. link
  71. Visit Alnwick castle.
  72. Do the Go-Ape experience.
  73. Make and decorate a cake for someones birthday.
  74. Make an erupting volcano.
  75. Have an in-house disco with Suzie.
  76. Take Ben to see Wales.
  77. Meet and get to know 8 new people.
  78. Organise a reunion with the Cardiff gang.
  79. Go camping.
  80. Do some conservation work.
  81. Watch 5 anime films.
  82. Make a very exciting jelly! link
  83. Get a dSir camera & learn how to use it.
  84. Frame and hang some art that I created.
  85. Go sledging.
  86. Complete 5 1000 piece puzzles. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,
  87. Host a poker night.
  88. Do an evening class in floristry.
  89. Get to level 85 in Warcraft. link
  90. Plant 5 trees.
  91. Observe the Earth hour.
  92. Read a graphic novel.
  93. Go snorkeling. (Preferably somewhere warm).
  94. Play with George, Joseph, Sammy or Eve in an adventure playground.
  95. Make an amigurumi and create a silly story of it going off into the world.
  96. Learn 3 new cocktails and have a glam cocktail party.
  97. Create a will.
  98. Face 3 things I’m afraid of and attempt to conquer them.
  99. Abide by the computer rule: Play / browse  for no longer than 1 hour straight.
  100. Quit World of Warcraft. link
  101. Make a new “101 things in 1001 days” list

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