Sophie at Six Weeks

IMG_4490Our little girl is growing fast! She’s much heavier and stronger, already able to lift her wee head. She’s a hungry thing and is taking 150ml bottles every four to four and half hours, although a lot of it ends up on her bib from messy dribbling lol. She’s pretty good at night and settles well after feeds, we’ve even had a couple of nights where she’s gone 6 hours. During the day she’s much harder to settle for long periods of time though and has to be held quite a bit. That’s okay as cuddles are great but I don’t get a lot done.

IMG_4191-001We think she’s already starting to smile which is so cute. Even when she cries she has cute little dimples at the top of her cheeks. Her eyes are still very blue and some of her hair is falling out. She seems to enjoy being out in the garden and spends a long time awake and calm just looking about.

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Family Photos

IMG_4234A lucky day when both Peter and Sophie were very obliging when trying to get photos of them together. By coincidence everyone looked quite co-ordinated. We had a lot of fun and laughs taking these pictures. It was the first time Peter held Sophie on his lap, he was very proud.

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BBQ with the Sainsbury Woods

IMG_4461Last weekend it was brilliant to also catch up with Suzie, Scott, George and Henry. We introduced Sophie to them all and she had her first taste of what life is going to be like, growing up with so many boys. George recently turned 7 (wow how did that happen!) and Henny Penny was celebrating his 3rd birthday so it was cake for everyone.

IMG_4382Peter loved playing with the boys, they were running around the garden playing hide & seek, digging up soil, having races and nature spotting in the pond. A bbq and some sunny weather was the icing in top of a great day.

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Meeting Cousin Edward

IMG_3858We had the pleasure at the weekend to meet Peter & Sophies’ new cousin, Edward Thomas Frampton. He’s a wonderful wee chappy and very lucky to have Mary and Jon as parents. It was good to see Mary looking so well after the birth ans so happy with her baby boy. We can’t wait to see how he grows up

IMG_3907It’s lovely that Edward and Sophie are so close together in age, they are only two weeks apart. Peter was also very happy to meet him and was impressed that he had two very good Thomas the tank engine names!

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Wordless Wednesday

IMG_3735 IMG_3733 IMG_3750

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The Kelpies


With the help of Grandma & Grandpa, we managed to get out today to see the new sculptures at the Helix Park development – the Kelpies. They are amazing to see and it was lovely that they are sited by the canal side. When the area is properly finished in a year or so time, it will be fantastic as there will be a big play area and cycle paths and nature walks.

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Steam Train Adventure


How we managed organize ourselves to get out, I’ll never know but we treated Peter to a day out at the Boness Steam Train Line & Museum. He’s been so patient with us spending so much time with Sophie that he really deserved a treat. He was so excited but we think a bit surprised to see how big real trains are up close and also how noisy! We had an hour trip down the track and back and then went to see the museum. Sophie seemed unimpressed and slept through the whole thing lol!



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Sophie’s First Week

Sophie has been settling in well back at home. We’re all pretty tired but very happy. Thankfully the weather has been glorious this week so we’ve all been able to play in the garden and light mornings when feeding her at 4:00am.


She is a hungry girl and is already up to 8lb 12oz, which is great. She really enjoys her bath time and poos ALL THE TIME! I had forgotten how much babies poop lol. Her eyes are already turning blue like Ben & Peters’ and she’s quite strong already. She is already trying to lift her head and turn it around.


She’s a real cutie and we call her our “little lamb” as she bleats like one when she’s stirring from sleep or got a pain in her tummy. It has been really magical whilst Ben was off on paternity leave, I think we’re a lot more relaxed the second time round. However it was quite a shock the first day Ben was back at work, trying to keep up with Peter and Sophie. She doesn’t sleep much in the day so it was a constant juggle going between the two children. The day was like being swept along a river after a storm, lol! Hopefully I’ll get better at it soon.


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Life as a Big Brother!


Peter has been amazing with the arrival of Sophie and we have been so proud of how patient and caring he has been towards his new sister. He is very keen to “teach” her lots of life skills and all about trains! Whenever she cries he will say “don’t worry baby Sophie” and gives her wee pats. He likes to help change her nappy and give her a bath and read her stories … again about trains! We’re sure he’s going to be an awesome big brother!


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Introducing … Little Baby Sophie!

DSC06489Again, Ben and I are so proud to introduce our sweet little baby girl to the world. Sophie Isla Curry arrived at 8:50 on the 1st June at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary weighing in at 7lb 5oz.

My waters broke on Saturday night, 11:45, and after a very painful (although thankfully quick) labour she was with us by the morning. For some reason I was convinced I was having a boy, so it was quite a surprise to be told she was a girl, but a lovely one. We feel very blessed to be able to bring up a boy and a girl. She reminds me a lot of Peter when he was born, except for her dark hair. The first few days she was very chilled out and thankfully started feeding well.


We couldn’t wait to take her home and introduce her to her big brother and make her part of the family. How strange to be going back to sleepless nights and countless nappies again but so so worth it!

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