Fun with Suzie, Scott, George & Henry


We were very lucky to have Suzie, Scott, George and Henry stay with us for a week during their summer holidays. It was fantastic to see them and to spend some quality time with my bestest bud. It was also great to hang out with the boys, Bean and Boo, all of which got up to lots of fun and mischief with Peter.

IMG_6639Sophie also enjoyed lots of cuddles, especially from Suzie who seemed determined to steal her away by the end of her trip lol! We all enjoyed going to East links farm, going to the museum and getting drenched, a trip to the seaside for a paddle in the sea, picnics and parks and hunting for a bargain in the charity shops. Oh and some very funny evenings playing card games!

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Wordless Wednesday

IMG_6442 IMG_5801 IMG_6500 IMG_6529

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Summer Fun in Ulster


Another great mini break in Northern Ireland with Ben’s family. Sophie was very well-behaved for her first trip to Grandma and Grandpa’s house and Peter had a blast being spoiled by Carol & Michael and hanging out with Eve & Daniel. We even managed a paddle in the sea.


We all enjoyed a sunny walk at Mount Stewart gardens where the kids explored all the new sculptures dotted around the forests. Am going to stop talking as I think the photos showed how much fun we had 🙂

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Happy Birthday Grandma!

IMG_6161This weekend marked a very special birthday for Grandma Carol, and all the Curry’s enjoyed a fantastic get-together at Jake & Julie’s to celebrate. Who would have thought this lady is 7o!!! I hope we all look and feel as good as her when we get there!

IMG_6121A big thank you to Julie and Jake who did a fantastic job hosting the party where we had scrummy indian take out & champers followed by a fantastic caravan birthday cake. High on sugar and birthday party excitement, the kids had a fantastic time playing together, jumping on the trampoline and scoring goals. Funniest moment goes to Carol who blasted her football into next door’s garden hedge, which resulted in a very distraught Daniel!


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Granny & Grampi Come to Visit

IMG_5730We’ve just had a lovely visit from Mum & Dad who we must thank for all their help with Peter and Sophie. Peter has definitely enjoyed chasing Grampi around the garden and pawing Granny for some more chocolate buttons. Sophie has enjoyed lots of cuddles and having lots of people around to practice her “cooing” at. And Ben and I enjoyed an evening off, playing a great new game at Kate & Richards. Many thanks Mum & Dad x x


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Wordless Wednesdays

IMG_5726 IMG_5815 IMG_5852

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Wordless Wednesday

IMG_5525-001 IMG_5598

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Curry Clan Visit

IMG_5484We’ve just enjoyed a fantastic week with Jake, Julie, Eve and Daniel. Peter has had an amazing time playing with his cousins, staying up late, playing chase, showing Daniel all his trains and being like two peas in a pod with Eve.

We had some great days, sharing Eve’s birthday and eating lots of cake! Playing in Vogrie park where we crashed our kite, had a picnic and played on the slide.

DSC07135Fun at the farm park where we had a ride on the train, saw tartan sheep, jumped on trampolines and played in giant haystacks.

IMG_5141Twirling around the garden pretending to be princesses and trains, chasing balloons & bubbles,

IMG_5244Going swimming and splashing around in the paddling pool on hot days. Drawing chalk patterns over their legs, watching Disney’s Frozen a hundred times.IMG_5380Thanks very much to Jake and Julie for using up their holiday time to hang out with us. It was great fun seeing you all and awesome for all the cousins to hang out.

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2 Months Old!

IMG_5050Little Sophie is growing up fast. She no longer looks like a newborn baby. She has uncurled and her skin is more solid now. We’re starting to get lots of smiles now and cooing noises when she’s happy. IMG_4855It’s been very hot so she’s been enjoying lounging around in her romper suits under the umbrella in the garden! She still doesn’t sleep much in the day, as soon as you lie her down she’ll be up within 10 – 20 minutes. At least though she sleeps well at night, we’re getting the odd 5 hour stint.



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Wordless Wednesday

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